Will Smith is currently filming for Men In Black 3 in New York. The citizens in the area in which they are filming are not happy for a particular reason. That is Will Smith's 2 story high trailer that is bigger than the Club 93.7 station. He has all types of cool things inside it. They're saying that it's annoying and in the way. Check it out!

Will Smith's Trailer is freakin huge! He had the option of staying in a 5 star hotel for the next 3 months while filming but he decided to bring his HOUSE, I mean trailer. He has a gym, kitchen and I'm sure a bed for random visits from Jada! Here what local New Yorkers had to say about it here... (Video found from the bitxchange.com)

Here's the whole article from the New York Post.

Couple notes about the movie. This one will not be starring Tommy Lee Jones. Instead it will be Josh Brolin. Click Here for more info about the movie!