You always hear about promoters suing entertainers for not holding up their end of the bargain but seldom do we hear the entertainer suing the promoters.  Today Wiz Khalifa has turned the table by suing concert promoter for $1 million due to canceling a show.  Doesn't seem that bad until you add up the numbers. 

Wiz was booked by It's My Party, Inc. to perform at George Mason University until the very last minute.  It's My Party was suppose to pay Wiz $85K and a percentage of the profit.  However, things didn't go as planned when the show was canceled. Now the 'Black and Yellow' emcee is claiming he should be paid a whopping one million dollars.

It's My Party, Inc. says they don't owe Amber Rose's baby daddy any money because ticket sales didn't do well.  In addition to the tickets sales failing, the promotional company never signed on the dotted line.  That seems a little strange because if you book someone, you must or should have signed paperwork.  I think something is a little fishy about this unfortunate situation.

I don't see how Wiz goes from $85K to $1 million but who am I to calculate big money?!  I think It's My Party, Inc. should pay out something for canceling the show at the last minute.  If Wiz would have shown up, they wouldn't have turned down that concert.

via TMZ