A Genesee County woman allegedly runs over her ex-boyfriend with his car and now the family is seeking justice.  The victim of the crime has now passed away to the injuries sustained in the auto accident.  The woman was arrested but has now been released from jail without any charges.

The family of Mack H. Harris, age 24,  are seeking justice for the crime.  Harris' sister, Lashawndra Cathron, is seeking official charges against the ex-girlfriend of her deceased brother. The crime was a result of an argument that happened late in the evening the day before.

According to MLive, Cathron said,

I believe she should be charged with something, she said. We lost a life. She should lose some years off her life because of what she did.

The woman who allegedly did the crime is not official charged at this time and has been released from jail.  Harris leaves behind a child who he had by the ex-girlfriend.