In the immortal words of 'Smokey' from 'Friday', "Her mama got ass too!"

On Friday, police finally caught up with Oneal Ron Morris after investigating a botched buttocks enhancement procedure that has left at least one woman injured, unwell and drowning in medical bills.

The transgendered "doctor" admitted to putting an interesting combination of items into a patients butt.

A combination of Fix-A-Flat, Superglue, Cement and Mineral Oil were all injected into a woman's butt.  The science behind the behind is simple, and can be easily understood by the diagram below.

The unnamed woman paid Morris $700 for the procedure that took place in the living room of Morris’ townhouse.

Red flag number one should have been that the so called doctor did not have a doctors office.  The injection was so painful that the woman made Morris stop the process and left before it was complete.

Police have been searching for Morris for more than a year. They decided to return to the home of the “doctor” one more time and actually found Morris there. They were shocked by Morris’ appearance and described her as having a booty the size of a “truck tire”.

Morris faces second degree felony charges, and has plenty of openings for future patients.