When a player tosses a ball into the crowd at a baseball game it's pretty much a free for all unless there is a little kid involved.

Someone needed to tell that to the couple at last nights Rangers game after they caught a ball intended for a little kid in the stands.  They not only kept the ball, but seemingly rubbed it in.  Thanks to the power of the Internet, they are now becoming known as the worlds biggest D-Bags!

The most amazing thing is that even with the TV announcer calling them out, and being put on the jumbo-tron at the game, they still ignore the kid.

Finally someone from the Ranger dugout tosses the kid a ball and the world is right again.

I'm not saying that the kid should get a ball just for crying, that's probably the wrong message to send.  Maybe a relief pitcher should have hit the greedy woman in the head with a ball and the kid could have found it on his own next to her, while she lay unconscious.

That way life's lessons are taught, and everyone ends up happy . . . or concussed.

Happy Couple Keeps Unhappy Kids Baseball