I've never heard of anything this bizarre in my life but a woman recovered some human ashes from a liquor store which were labeled, 'Grandma.'  Is this what the world has come to now that we are leaving grandma's ashes at store?

A Kansas liquor store owner saved the remains to properly return them to the family.  He posted a sign in his store and even took out an ad on Craigslist.  This owner was really a kind person to not throw away the 'Grandma' package.

Finally a woman, Kathy Leonard, came forward to claim her mother's remains.  Charlie Nguyen, the store owner, told the news that Kathy showed up crying and embarrassed.  Leonard told the local news that she will keep the ashes in a safe place.

The crying daughter of the deceased revealed her son had lost the ashes  She couldn't believe her son could have been so forgetful.  I am glad that Kathy was able to receive the remains.  However, her son will not be showing up to any future family outings.  How do you leave 'Grandma' of all people in the family?

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