Aydrea Meader decided that the Black History Month assembly at an elementary school in Albany NY could use a little more action, so she started dancing and eventually taking off her clothes.  Unfortunately stripping is not what any elementary school assembly needs.

Picture the scene in your head . . . it's 10am at an elementary school in Albany and about 200 students have gathered in the cafeteria for an assembly.

The music starts to play and students are having a good time when Aydrea jumps in front of the crowd and starts to dance.  At first nobody thinks twice, but then the jacket comes off, followed by her top.

Next thing you know, a couple hundred elementary students are asking mom and dad why the lunch lady was naked . . . and what does "make it rain" mean?

She was eventually arrested, but nobody has any idea why she did it.  I think the answer is obvious though, any person that can move one eye while keeping the other one straight is capable of anything!