A man who looked like a wanted killer, had the same first name and was near the scene of the crime was executed for the crimes in Texas. But an investigation found that Carlos DeLuna was executed in place of someone else, in 1989.

DeLuna was sentenced to death and executed based only on eyewitness accounts, even though there were signs he wasn't guilty. DeLuna was executed by lethal injection in 1989, even though Hernandez repeatedly admitted to murdering the woman up to the day he died in prison.


STRANGE TWIST, TOO: Relatives of both Carloses mistook them.

The report found that 27-year-old DeLuna was put to death even though there were "missteps, missed clues and missed opportunities that let authorities prosecute Carlos DeLuna for the crime of murder, despite evidence not only that he did not commit the crime but that another individual, Carlos Hernandez, did."