A wrongfully convicted man of check fraud was compensated. Before you start cheering for him, read this entire post.  This will make you really upset about jail and court systems.

Huang Liyi, 39 years old, was compensated by Guangdong's supreme courts for locking him up without enough evidence.  I know you're probably thinking, "How did this happen?" Well it is complicated because China doesn't have a court system similar to our legal system here in America.

Liyi was convicted in 1999 for check fraud and was sentenced to life in prison.  That seems unfair to spend life in prison over some checks but who I am to judge.  Liyi was acquitted in 2010.  According to Liyi's lawyer via a blog, Liyi finally received his whopping lump sum of $131,000 USD.

I don't think $131K is enough money to compensate someone wrongfully convicted of a crime and who spent 11 years in prison.  Well the court system thinks it is fair.  The compensation was equated to $26 a day which is the average wage of a urban worker in that area of the world.

According to ABCNews, China's legal system is known for getting things wrong.  With using torture and extortion to produce confessions, China has convicted many people without proper cause. EPIC FAIL SMH!!!

Are you proud to be an American?