A youth football coach from a middle school in Southfield, MI broke a 13-year-old’s collarbone with a hard hit during practice.

The coach called it a "tackle drill" when he threw on a helmet and picked kids to try and get him down.

The coach had his assistant film him running full speed into the 13 year old players, and catching him breaking one of their collar bones.

Alex Androsuk is the boy who was injured in the clip, and what he says that the coach told him is shocking.

“The coach decided to put on a kid’s helmet, and so I was picked. It was me and two other kids were picked by the head coach. So, we had to go out there and try to tackle him,” said Alex Androsuk. “The coach has seen the video and said I was faking my injury.”

The parents of Androsuk are considering taking legal action against the coach.