Demias Jimerson was asked by his schools principal to limit his touchdowns to three per game.

Sounds crazy right?  Why in the world would anyone want to limit how well a young athlete can do?

The problem is the fact that 11-year-old Jimerson could score every time he touches the ball.  This isn't the case of an overconfident athlete, it's a fact that Demias Jimerson is so good that he has to limit his scoring.

Check out how they are trying to make the game competitive for everyone below.

The principal put the three touchdown rule in place to:

There is  a lot of debate over the rule, and some think that not letting Jimerson run hurts the other players on the field.

No matter what the public says, Demias doesn't seem to be phased by the rule.  He says he is "OK with it", and next year he will run even harder.

Check out the report from Fox sports and then let us know if you think putting the restriction on the 11-year-old is the answer.  Do you think that there is a better way to handle the situation?