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Heavy D will go down as one of the most influential figures in Hip Hop that nobody knows about. After his surprising death at the young age of 44, his legacy is starting to be formed by the public. Sure everyone knows his music and laid back demeanor, but not to many know the list of artists that he was responsible for breaking. Even big name artists like Diddy have given Heavy D credit for their success. So in hopes that an entire generation of young people will remember Heavy D as "the guy who sang the 'In Living Color' theme", here are the 10 best Heavy D songs.


'Blue Funk'

Heavy D And The Boyz
'Blue Funk' was one of Heavy D's later songs and showed his transition into the next phase of music. Hip Hop had really started to shy away from the easy going feel good sound that Heavy was known for, so this track probably never got the credit it deserved. Overall 'Blue Funk' is a soulful track, and definitely deserves a spot on the list of 10 best Heavy D songs.

'The Overweight Lovers In The House'

Heavy D And The Boyz
You want late 80's Hip Hop? This song and video have it all! Everything from the 80's hair to the worlds oldest limousine, and they even throw in a midget to bring that 'Fantasy Island' feel!

'In Living Color Theme'

Heavy D
I know I said that I didn't want this generation to remember Heavy D as the guy who did the 'In Living Color' theme! I also don't want them to forget that he was the soundtrack for one of the 90's biggest TV shows. Does that make sense? Who cares, its such a dope song!

'Big Daddy'

Heavy D
'Big Daddy' is one of newer songs from Heavy D that everyone knows the words to, but will forget to put on their 10 best Heavy D songs list. This song is proof to me that had Heavy D committed himself to being a performing artist, rather than putting others on, he could have still been making music.

'Now That We Found Love'

Heavy D And The Boyz ft. Aaron Hall
'Now That We Found Love' is probably the most popular song in Heavy D's library. It probably deserves a higher spot on the 10 best Heavy D songs list, but I'm making this list and you aren't. In my opinion this isn't even the best Heavy D song featuring members of 'GUY'. This is the best Heavy D song featuring a raincoat dance though . . . they've definitely earned that crown.

'We Got Our Own Thang'

Heavy D And The Boyz
Just for the record, songs five through two on this list can be placed in any order and I wouldn't argue. Number one is number one though, you cant mess with that one. 'We Got Our Own Thang' was a perennial favorite on "Yo MTV RAPS' and why not?! It's not every day that you get to see a man of Heavy's size get down like that.

'Is It Good To You'

Heavy D And The Boyz
This song is Heavy D at the peak of the 'New Jack Swing' movement. The lyrics might not be the best, but that's not really what its about. 'New Jack' was more about Hip Hop and R&B realizing that there was a way to make good music together. 'Is It Good To You' immediately makes me think Wesley Snipes is about to ask me, "AM I MY BROTHAS KEEPER?!" It also ranks at number four on the list of Heavy D's 10 best songs.

'Nuttin But Love For Ya'

Heavy D And The Boyz
To this day 'Nuttin But Love For Ya' is one of the best song/video combos in music. Heavy D was never an attractive man, and he knew this. He was smart enough to know that he should feature as many attractive women in his video as he can. What's the best way to feature a lot of something in a short amount of time? Montage! Then you throw in Chris Tucker and a Mike Epps lookalike and you are set!

'Got Me Waiting'

Heavy D
If you looked up "songs that never get old" in the dictionary, this song would be first in line. Heavy D is more lyrical in this song than any on this list, and the beat is crazy good. This could easily be number one on the 10 best Heavy D songs list, but I was selfish and chose my personal favorite.

'Girls They Love Me'

Heavy D And The Boyz
I realize that this might not be on anyone's top 10 best Heavy D songs list. The fact that it is ranked at number one on mine is strictly personal selfish choice. I literally wore out this cassette maxi-single in my car driving to high school.

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