With 2014 approaching everyone is preparing their resolutions of life changing actions and thoughts. Here's a list of ways to jumpstart the new year and end the year with a whole new thought process. 

  • 1

    Be A Leader

    Everyone wants to be a boss and push orders around, but no one knows how to be a leader now a days.

    Lead by Example, you want something done, do it and then explain how you did it so all parties are able to understand it. 

  • 2

    Be Responsible

    We all have a problem with accepting our faults and shortcomings. The next way to jumpstart your new year and new beginnning is by being responisible.

    Its easy to point to blame and expect sympathy. When you start taking responsibility for your actions thats when favor in life grows. 

  • 3

    Be Humble

    No one likes a person who boast or brag about what they do, how they do it, and when they do it. Being humble separates you from the pack.

    The wealthiest person in the room, is usually the quietest person. 

  • 4

    Be Forward

    Nothing in the back of you every matters, forward thinking is what you need to see your goals and aspirations vividly.

    Forward thinking helps you remain consistent with your thoughts and not focus on how bad your past or childhood was. Sad to say no one really cares, so why should you. Move Forward.  

  • 5

    Be an Individual

    Nothing worse than a follower, you keep following you gone up off the brink of life.

    Know your worth as an individual and be proud of the difference you are and the impact you can make on society.

  • 6

    Be Optimistic

    The hardest thing in life is dealing with personal disgust and failure. We all face those feats everyday.

    By being optimistic, your using the other side of your brain and understanding that their is an end result to whatever you go through. Its just up to you to think further than you can fathom and not have clouded judgement.

  • 7

    Be Adaptable

    Life is constantly growing and changing, what we may like and know of today may change tomorrow. We have to be prepared.

    Adapting to the evolution of life is what we most do to understand and grow in a society that has no timetable.

  • 8

    Be Content

    When has complaining ever paid a bill? Why complain when you know all your doing is giving someone ammo to fire back at you.

    By being content, you are comfortable with your current situations in life but not complacent. You have to want more but first you must know your worth and accept it.

  • 9

    Be Assertive

    Everyone cannot be beauty queen or muscle man ready, but our way of thinking can be.

    Having confidence in yourself is a necessary step to finding happiness and success. You cannot maximize your potential until you maximize your mental capacity. 


  • 10

    Be Respectful

    By treating others the way you want to be treated, your opening doors that you may not see for years to come. When we respect people, it does not mean we have to like them, we just respect the fact that they are breathing the same air we breath.

    Don't just treat people you feel are worthy with respect, treat everyone that way and see the positive change in your day to day life grow. 

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