In the world of urban entertainment, Beyonce Knowles is the undisputed queen. True stars shine the brightest when the lights are on, and the diva has lit up some of the biggest stages across the world, wowing the crowd with her sheer presence while delving into her grab-bag of classic records. With 2016s Lemonade, Beyonce dropped what many have deemed her best work to date, silencing critics who felt her music lacked depth. The album became her sixth to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard, making her dominance as the preeminent artist even more evident.

The ride to the top may have seemed like a swift one for Beyonce, who has held the title of the hottest female artist in her genre since first deciding to pursue her solo career back in 2003; but along her path to success, the Houston native paid her share of dues. Forming the group Destiny's Child under the guidance of her father, Mathew Knowles, Beyonce and her groupmates would take the world by storm as the 1990s ended and would become the biggest group of the early 2000s. But along with their own hit singles, the group also attempted to raise their profile by taking on an array of guest appearances, lending their vocals to established and obscure acts alike. Being the lead singer of Destiny's Child, Beyonce's presence was unmistakable on these records, which helped facilitate her rise to stardom.

However, a few of Bey's past collaborations are moments she would probably prefer not to relive. We handpicked 10 artists that costarred on a song with Beyonce that would never happen under any circumstances in 2017.

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    Lil' O

    Before the greater majority got wind of the talents of Destiny's Child, their stomping ground of Houston got a taste when local favorite Lil' O took notice, enlisting them to appear on "Can't Stop." The song, which would be one of Destiny's Child's first notable guest spots, became a regional hit and paved the way for Lil' O to generate a buzz and sign a record deal with a Houston-based indie label. Lil O' has yet to duplicate "Can't Stop" but has remained active over the years, releasing five albums and five mixtapes within the span of a decade. His last official release having come in 2011, Lil' O may not have been a year or two ahead of the game by deciding to work with Beyonce, but we think her returning that favor in 2016 would be highly unlikely.

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    Silkk the Shocker

    Before her days as a megastar, Beyonce and Destiny's Child were another group looking to make their bones in the rough and tumble music industry. At the time, one of the biggest crews in hip-hop was No Limit Records, whose albums regularly sold millions of copies and dominated Billboard. So when label star Silk The Shocker suggested that Destiny's Child do a song with him on his album, Charge It 2 Da Game, it was a high profile opportunity, to say the least. Released in February of 1998, Charge It 2 Da Game debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 to the tune of 300,000 copies sold in its first week. Destiny's Child's contribution, "Just Be Straight with Me," would be chosen as the album's lead single and performed well on the charts, peaking within the Top 5 of the Hot Rap Singles chart and at No. 26 on the Hot 100. Charge It 2 Da Game was released on the same day as Destiny's Child's debut album, which it outperformed. Being that Silkk the Shocker's relevance plummeted some 15 years ago, a Silkk the Shocker verse finding it's way on any song directly associated with Beyonce in 2017 would be a shocking surprise.

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    As a member of Destiny's Child, Beyonce usually handled the lead vocals, essentially making a majority of the songs a Beyonce solo surrounding by backing vocals on the chorus. Destiny's Child contributed a song to the soundtrack for the 1999 Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence comedy Life. "Stimulate Me" featured a then-up and coming rapper name Mocha, who had caught a buzz under the tutelage of Missy Elliott. While Mocha was afforded to work with stars such as Mariah Carey, Gina Thompson, Total, and DJ Clue, among others, her own career failed to pan out, with her intended debut album, Bella Mafia, being shelved due to poorly received single. Her career being dormant for the better half-decade, Mocha being brought back to the forefront by Beyonce would be a dope gesture, but would happen after hell freezes over.

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    If you know anything about Beyonce Knowles, it is that she's a jack of many trades and very capable of rising to the occasion. So when the then-17 year old rising star was tapped to appear as the love interest in the music video for Def Jam crooner Case's 1999 single, "Happily Ever After," she managed to step into the role effortlessly, in regular Beyonce fashion. "Happily Ever After" may be one of the more enduring r&b jams of the late '90s, with one of the more memorable music videos to accompany it, but being that Case is more subterranean now as an artist and no longer at the top of the food chain as far as stardom is concerned, Beyonce popping up in a Case video or vise versa is not anything the fans should hold their breath for at this juncture.

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    Prior t Roc-A-Fella Records' acquisition of Camron, the brash Harlem rhymer was a tenant on Epic Records, releasing his sophomore album, S.D.E., on the label in 2000. The album included a track featuring Beyonce and Destiny's Child, titled "Do It Again," which would fail to amount to considerable sales for S.D.E., but would later be used as a bargaining chip in Killa's crusade against Jay Z when their longstanding rivalry came to a head. With Hov and Cam having a considerable amount of bad blood between them, it's highly unlikely that Beyonce woud ever do another track with The Pink One.

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    50 Cent

    50 Cent may be one of the more charismatic figures hip-hop has ever seen, but he's also been one of his most polarizing, dating back to his days on Columbia Records. One of the artists he's rubbed the wrong way in the past is Jay Z, who he name-dropped in his notorious 1999 single, "How To Rob," as well as on various other occasions. Well, some may have forgotten, but 50 once collaborated with Jay Z's wife, Beyonce, prior to their relationship on the track, "Thug Love," from his shelved 2000 album, Power of the Dollar. The track was a fan favorite and showcased 50's potential as a rhyming Casanova, but was an afterthought in the mind of many fans. While Jay and 50 have since collaborated on the latter's "I Get Money" Remix, something tells us that there would be serious trouble in the Knowles-Carter household if Bey wound up on another duet with 50.

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    One member of the Roc that often gets overlooked is Amil, who made a standout guest appearance on Jay Z's 1998 hit, "Can I Get A...," and went on to make pivotal guest appearances on a number of Roc-A-Fella releases. Unleashing her own debut, A.M.I.L. - All Money Is Legal, in 2000, the album's lead single, "I Got That," featured Beyonce, who was then beginning to emerge as a solo act in her own right and had yet to be the icon she is known as today. But as faith would have it, a rift between Amil and the Roc brass led to her abrupt dismissal from the clique, leaving any chance of a reunion between Amil and Beyonce an unlikely one.

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    Aside from becoming one of the biggest stars in music, Beyonce has also managed to plant her shoes in the world of Hollywood, which she's dabbled in for the better part of her career. First getting her name in the movie credits by contributing to soundtracks, Beyonce lent her voice to a number of film-related compilations, one being The Fighting Temptations, which she also landed a starring role in alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. Although her acting chops got the most attention, her contribution to the soundtrack, a song titled "Fighting Temptation," was considered business as usual. However, when you note that one of the other artists on the song, former 106th & Park co-host Free, is featured on the track, and the fact that she was once rumored to have been pregnant with Jay Z's child, which he addressed on his Kingdom Come album the following year, you'd understand why there would be some reluctance on both parties' parts to try to duplicate that chemistry.

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    Keri Hilson

    Beyonce may be talented in an array of areas, but songwriting would never be deemed as her strongest suit. Over the course of her career, Beyonce has worked with many artists that double as songwriters, including Ne-Yo and Drake. But one writer that's penned lyrics for her in the past that isn't too fond of Beyonce is Keri Hislon, who was believed to diss Bey on the single the remix to Hilson's 2008 single, "Turnin Me On." In the song, Keri aims a few subliminal shots at an unnamed target, but the lines can be inferred as jabs at Beyonce, whom Hilson was rumored to have written for in the past. While Hilson has claimed that she was not dissing Beyonce or Ciara, Bey's ruthless fans on social media, dubbed the BeyHive, have not let Hilson off the hook that easy, relentlessly dragging her every chance they get in retaliation on the part of Beyonce. Intent or not, what was a dope remix has since turned into a blemish on her rep with r&b fans who adore Beyonce, which would make a pairing of the two a reach of epic proportions.

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    LeToya Luckett

    The original Destiny's Child lineup that first captivated the world consisted of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson, and Letoya Luckett, but in the midst of releasing multi-platinum albums and hits galore, a rift grew between the quarter of young divas. Roberson and Luckett decided to break ties with the group in 2000 amid accusations of the group's manager, Mathew Knowles', preferential treatment toward his daughter, Beyonce, and Rowland. LeToya Luckett would go on to pursue a solo career and bounce back with her self-titled debut solo album in 2006, which topped the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum before the year's end. While Luckett's sophomore album, Lady Love, fell short of the success of her debut, the Houston native is looking to set the world on fire once again with her upcoming release, Until Then, but we're sure that Beyonce won't make an appearance on the album, or that Luckett will be sipping any of the Lemonade Beyonce is brewing anytime soon.

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