It's been nearly two decades since 50 Cent and Ja Rule sparked their epic and allegedly violent beef, but it looks like there's still bad blood between them. After Ja called Fif a "pussy" in response to comments that the G-Unit leader made about putting Ja "to bed" during a recent interview, fans and critics on Twitter have been reacting with mixed feelings but also some hilarious memes.

While some are disinterested or frustrated with the idea of the two veteran rappers beefing once again in 2018, others are excited to bring back the nostalgic feud. Regardless of how fans are feeling, the memes are rolling in and bringing out tons of laughs.

If you recall, the beef started back up again this week after Fifty allegedly said he "put him to bed" while addressing the Murder Inc MC. O'Shea Jackson, Jr. shared the story of how he chucked out a Ja Rule CD from his grandmother's window once 50 Cent hit mainstream. During the same interview, the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper also says that he was once on the same flight with Ja Rule in recent years, but nothing became physical as he didn't want to catch a felony for fighting in an airport.

Once Ja caught wind of Fifty's recent comments, he responded on Twitter with a rant, calling his arch nemesis a "pussy." He even seems to refers back to the incident where 50 was once beaten and stabbed by members of the Murder Inc entourage at the Hit Factory recording studio in March 2000.

See the hilarious memes from fans who share their feelings over 50 Cent and Ja Rule beefing below.

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