Many of your favorite rappers love cartoons. Just look at Kendrick Lamar. The West Coast MC dedicated a song to the childhood pastime with 'Cartoon & Cereal' and he's even named 'DuckTales' as one of his favorites. For an artist, having the opportunity to actually move beyond the mic and onto the animated screen would be a dream come true.

Action Bronson is the latest rhymer to lend his voice to an animated series and receive the cartoon treatment. The rapper stars as Uncle Taco in the racy FXX ‘Animation Domination’ late-night series 'Lucas Bros. Moving Co.' Uncle Taco is a chubby gangster who owns a food truck. He's a bit territorial over his turf and will not rest without his cut or a hot meal.

Bronsolino isn't the only rapper who's been able to turn into a character in animated form. From Kanye West to Nicki Minaj, keep reading to see which artists took their talents to 'Toon Town in 10 Rappers Transformed Into Cartoon Characters.