Rappers have always been charitable beings and with more causes, comes more charities for them to donate to. Whether it's Black Lives Matter or a domestic abuse shelter, when a rapper feels philanthropic, there's no stopping them from giving back. Donations range from millions of dollars to specific objects, like in 2 Chainz' case a 5-bedroom house, and the causes change out depending on what's the hot topic of the moment, but it always seems like rappers are continually getting those in need one step closer to their goals.

The giving spirit has been holding strong in hip-hop since the beginning of 2016. In January, 2 Chainz gifted a family of 11 that had fallen on hard times with a five-bedroom two-bathroom home. During that time, the Flint Water crisis was also extremely prevalent in the media thus bringing forth an abundance of donations from rappers all over the country including Big Sean and The Game. The Game has especially good at giving back this year. Almost as often as the rapper is in headlines for releasing new music, the media is highlighting him for some form of chivalry. Aside from his $1million of water donation to Flint earlier in the year, the rapper made headlines for raising nearly $75K for Arkansas police officer Tommy Norman in July. The Game additionally gave a $1,000 donation to Isaiah Cooper, a Compton kid with dreams of becoming the youngest black pilot to fly around the world and $6,000 to Zachaeus Water, a three-year-old who was shot in the face, this summer.

Over the past few months, quite a few rappers have actually offered notable donations, with The Weeknd giving the Black Lives Matter movement $250,000 just last week. Check out XXL' s gallery of rapper donations above.

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