Lately everyone has told me about this new app called Ruzzle which I still do not have but I do know the ten smartphone apps everyone in Flint should have.  Grab your mobile device and make sure you download these apps.

If your phone comes with the app, no need to share it with everyone how cool or necessary it is.  When you do this, you immediately let everyone know that you're a newbie to smartphones.  If you want to be taken serious, check out the ten smartphone apps you should have while in Flint, Michigan.

10. Pinterest

From my limited knowledge of Pinterest, it is basically an app for women to indulge in hobbies.  Whether your hobby is cooking, sowing, knitting, and/etc, Pinterest is your app. You need this app in Flint to find something fun and safe to do during your free time.



9. Blackboard

To all the students in Flint that are taking their academics seriously, you have to have the Blackboard app.  You have to arrive to class unprepared so download this app expeditiously.




8. Indeed

We all know that job searching in Flint is a full time job when you're unemployed.  To help you out, check out Indeed app.  Maybe if every unemployed smartphone owner had Indeed, things might just turn around in Flint.




7.  Bible App

With some much violence and depression in our city of Flint, we need some hope.  Take the bible with you everywhere you go for accessible inspiration.  The Bible app is definitely a must have in Flint.




6. Linkedin

Once again if you're in search of a job or great networking in Flint, grab the Linkedin app.  This app is the social media for the uber professionals.  Yes, everyone has Facebook but your boss uses Linkedin.  Grab it for your next job.




5. Netflix

Get caught up from seasons past and movies on Netflix while you are waiting at the Secretary of State office.  While you are handling business with your driving record, catch up on a couple seasons of 24.




4. Flash Light

Drop your keys in the show while leaving your favorite bar at two in the morning.  Life seems to end right away because you have no concentrated light to help you find your keys.  If you have been drinking that night, you don't need the police officer assisting you.  Turn on your flash light app and keep it moving.  By the way, never drink and drive.



3. QR Reader or any barcode reader

Seems like everyone is using QR codes to give information to people quickly.  No more of that typing information into your phone. Now just power up your QR Reader or barcode reader and zap, you have the information you need on your phone.  Download this app because you gain bonus Club Insider points.



2. Instagram

If we could all become photographer for a living, we would. Instagram allow us to practice our skills on our mobile device with Instagram.  While in Flint your can become a Flintstagram king with your great photos.  With Instagram, you can add your filters and quickly look professional in just minutes.  Make sure you're hashtagging your photos with #Flintstagram



1.  Radio Pup App

Why would any app be better that Radio Pup?  You can take Club 93.7 with you anywhere at anytime during your journey through the streets of Flint.  Listening to your favorite radio station on your mobile device is exclusive to smartphone users.  We all know that weird person who still has a flip phone.  Yes, it is true, they do exist.  Get them a smartphone and download Radio Pup for them. It could save their life while in Flint.



Leave a comment below if we miss out on an app you think everyone in Flint should have.  I am sure you have an app I need to download on my mobile device.