I know Valentine's Day is for the females, but you have to understand...GUYS DON'T CARE ABOUT V-DAY! Here are 10 gifts he may or may not get you and what he's really trying to say. See if your man falls into any of these..

1. He got you: A heart-shaped box of chocolates from the supermarket.

He's saying: "I forgot it's Valentine's Day."

2. He got you: Jewelry or a watch.

He's saying: "I'm not super-creative, but hey, I tried. Don't worry, I probably won't notice if you exchange it for something that's more your style."

3. He got you: A surprise weekend getaway to a quaint little bed-and-breakfast.

He's saying: "I'm hoping you like me enough to deal with being in the same room as my snoring - I know I like you enough to put up with yours."

4. He got you: Every season of your favorite guilty-pleasure TV show.

He's saying: "I like you more than I hate Ross and Rachel."

5. He got you: Anything homemade.

He's saying: "I'm crazy about you and I've got the Krazy Glue-splattered furniture and staple scars on my hands to prove it."

6. He got you: A greeting card.

He's saying: "I don't think it's worth spending money on a Hallmark holiday, but, ironically, this Hallmark card is the cheapest thing I could find."

7. He got you: A relationship scrapbook, complete with photos of you together and ticket stubs from all the shows you've seen.

He's saying: "I'm a cheesy romantic."

8. He got you: A pet for the two of you.

He's saying: "Let's pick a name together - I want to make sure you don't choose one that I've reserved for our future children."

9. He got you: Kitchen appliances you didn't request.

He's saying: "These spatulas are as close to a bouquet of flowers as you'll ever get from me."

10. He got you: A voicemail on Feb. 15, apologizing for forgetting about Valentine's Day.

He's saying: "When you're done bad-mouthing me to all your friends, please give me a call back so I can grovel."