The 100 year old woman being interviewed about her long life starts things off with an awkward, and hilarious question that leaves the reporter speechless.

"How ya d#ck hangin?"

A simple enough question, but definitely not what you would expect coming from the mouth of a woman celebrating her 100th birthday.

Things only get worse when the reporter asks the granny what she's going to do to celebrate her birthday.  "Gettin me a piece of d#ck!" is what leaves her wrinkly lips.

SERIOUSLY!  This woman is being interviewed for her long life on a local TV station, and all she can talk about is getting the D!  This is the exact reason why I am not scared to get old.  You basically have a free pass to do and say what you want, and everything is excused because people will say, "Awww he's just old."

YouTube commentors did a great job of saying what we are all thinking.