When the camera is on a celebrity 24/7, it's hard not to have every moment of their day captured on someone's smartphone or a paparazzi camera. That's why celebrities spend so much money and effort securing their privacy. When it comes to hip-hop, the ability to have a private life is all but thrown away as a rapper. Cameras follow their every move and, in some cases, an overzealous fan can make a moment awkward for everyone.

Recently, there has been more rappers than not getting into very public incidents and it's all been caught on camera. Jim Jones was recently filmed going off on deli clerks because they didn't want to give him change for a $100 bill. Drake was spotted yelling backstage after a show in Phoenix, Ariz. because someone broke into his tour bus and stole his entourage's jewelry -- a reported loss of $2 million. These are just a few incidents that happened in the last week.

Hip-hop is like no other genre of music. It's braggadocios, its edgy and breeds confrontation. As a rap star, it's expected that personal space will be violated and there could very well be a target put on their back, which leads to moments like what you'll see below. XXL dug around the web to collect stories of rappers going off in public. Whether it was about money or disrespect, here are rappers who were caught giving someone a piece of their mind.

  • Jim Jones Goes Off on Store Clerk

    At a corner store, Jim Jones went off on clerks after he tried to get change for a $100 bill. From the short clip that surfaced online, it appears Jimmy was refused change.

    “So what you want me to do? You want to get change or not?” he says. “Or call the police, maybe they got change.”

    Jones didn't stop there. “How 'bout that? Work for yours, like I work for mines” and “It’s not a crime. I got money.” At the end of the conversation, he has a good laugh about it all, telling the camera, “Today was entertaining. I had a blast.”


  • Drake Gets Angry After Thief Breaks Into His Tour Bus

    After a thief entered his tour bus and stole $2 million worth of jewelry, Drake was undoubtedly ticked off. Here, the rapper is shown yelling loudly and gesturing furiously in a backstage area after he learned that a briefcase belonging to Future the Prince, his DJ, was stolen after a performance in Phoenix.

  • Azealia Banks Fights Security Guard

    Azealia Banks was arrested for assault last December for allegedly biting a security guard’s breast at Up and Down nightclub in New York.

    NYPD reported that Banks “became verbally abusive and began to push the victim and bit victim on the breast causing swelling and redness.” She was then escorted out of the venue at 12:46 a.m.

    Witnesses at the scene reported that Banks was turned away by security once she attempted to enter a private party downstairs. Then the rapper became angry because the employees didn't know she was a celebrity. That's when things went south.

  • Juvenile Throws a Punch at Customer in Waffle House

    Juvenile was caught on camera punching a waffle house customer due to a slick comment that was said in May.

    The rapper was in a South Carolina Waffle House when a customer allegedly blurted out “Juvenile here, here come all the hoes now.” The NOLA legend was with his girlfriend, whom he thought the words were directed at, and he didn’t take too kindly to the comment.

  • Kanye West Scuffles With Paparazzi at LAX

    Kanye West got into an infamous scuffle with photographer Daniel Ramos at LAX in 2013. During the incident, Ramos continued to ask the rapper why people were not allowed to speak in his presence. 'Ye wasn't having it.

    “I told you don’t talk to me, right? You trying to get me in trouble so I steal off on you and have to pay you like $250,000 and shit,” the rapper told Ramos. Yeezy and the photographer wrestled and the latter was examined by paramedics. The College Dropout creator, who fled the scene, faced a felony attempted robbery charge. The charges were later reduced to misdemeanor criminal battery and attempted grand theft. West was sentenced to serve two years probation, required to attend 24 anger management sessions, perform 250 hours of community service and pay restitution to Ramos in March 2014.

  • Trick Daddy Blasts DJ Khaled’s Former Artist Nino Brown

    Trick Daddy went off on Miami artist and one time DJ Khaled affiliate Nino Brown. While it rains, Trick curses up a storm with threats and warnings directed at Nino.

    “Somebody let that fuck nigga Nino Brown know he can’t go nowhere in Dade County. Your bitch ass better move to Georgia or Mississippi somewhere,” Trick said. “Let me catch you in front of my house doing a video, with all them prop guns.”

    Trick supposedly spoke to Khaled about Nino’s credentials. “I called Khaled and asked about it,” he says. “Khaled said he been let your fat ass go cause you were trying to take pictures with his money.”

    Brown responded with a freestyle posted to Instagram, in which he raps over Trick’s 2004 hit “Let’s Go.”

  • Wale Confronts United Airlines Employees After Missing Flight

    Wale ripped apart United Airlines employees at the Newark airport after missing a flight, something he stated could have all been avoided if he wasn't harassed by security. Since he missed his flight, the rapper was not able to perform at a scheduled show.

    “They closed the door on my face, y’all,” Wale said in the video. “They closed the door right in my face. This why I won’t make my show.”

    The D.C. native also went on Twitter to call out United Airlines for alleged racial profiling.

    “United at Newark be profiling for no reason,” Wale wrote in a since deleted tweet. “You got to convince them your first class. Young black dude? Must be a bootleg ticket huh.”

  • Chris Brown Gets Into Argument at Charity Basketball Game

    During a celebrity basketball game, Chris Brown --who recently made headlines by opting to sit during the National Anthem -- got into a heated war-of-words with someone on the sidelines.

    In the short clip, Brown can be seen going off on the game attendee, with police and security arriving to that area of the arena in droves. The cause of the incident is currently still unknown but CB did touch on what went down, which you can see below.

  • Meek Mill Calls Out Fan Holding a Drake Sign

    During last year’s Fool’s Gold Day Off festival, Meek Mill went off on a concertgoer who was holding up a Drake sign in the crowd as the rapper performed.

    “Put that Drake sign up again, nigga,” Meek said in between songs after calling out the fan following his opening track. “Fuck you talkin’ ’bout you fuckin’ clown. Don’t ever come in here and fuckin’ play on no Meek Milly tryna pick on me like I’m a fuckin’ dweeb or somethin’.”

  • Joey Bada$$ Fights a Cameraman

  • A$AP Rocky Gets Into Heated Argument in London

    A$AP Rocky got into a heated argument with a group of men in London. A man supposedly threw something at Rocky’s car and he was not happy about it. He confronted the men in a deli store and gave them a piece of his mind.

    “Don’t throw shit at my car, you don’t know me nigga,” said the Harlem native as he confronts one man. He then leaves the place with a young woman and an another man. While leaving he says that he loves London. The people antagonizing Flacko by saying, “Fet some fit girls in your life, cuz.”

  • Theophilus London and A$AP Bari Fight Ian Connor in Paris

    While in Paris, Theophilus London and A$AP Bari got into a fight with stylist Ian Connor. Both artists confronted Connor, which led to Bari himself punching the fashionisto.

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