Happy 2016, PopCrushers!

After a steady stream of 2015 retrospectives (have you flipped through all our Best Of The Year lists already?), we've finally reached the New Year. Left unenthused by the offerings of 2015? Fear not. To quote Madonna: "Nothing takes the past away like the future."

A new chapter in music begins with the promise of tomorrow's biggest and boldest records from some of our favorite superstars, from Britney Spears' hotly anticipated Britney Jean follow-up (code name B9) to Frank Ocean's incredibly elusive next outing to Sia's upcoming wig-snatcher (This Is Acting) to "Used To Love You" siren Gwen Stefani's sure-to-be-emotionally-searing LP.

Want to know which albums we're most excited to hear? Scroll through the gallery up top, and let us know which albums you can't wait to get in your hands in 2016 by voting in our Most Anticipated of 2016 poll.

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