When 2 Chainz released his fourth studio album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, the Atlanta native created a real-life pink trap house in his hometown that fans could visit. Now, he's transforming it into haunted house just in time for Halloween.

On Sunday night (Sept. 9), the hip-hop vet announced The Pink Trap House will be back in business during his set at One Musicfest. The rapper and Street Execs Management have teamed up with the infamous 13 Stories Haunted House for the first hip-hop spook show beginning Sept 21. While being hosted at the aptly-titled Haunted Pink Trap House, attendees will go through three phases as they make their way through the house, battling zombies and finding their way through a maze of rooms while blindfolded, according to a press release. Fans do have the opportunity to cut the hour-long experience short as it's said to be extremely intense.

A couple months back, the "Bigger Than You" rhymer shared how he's turned the trap house into a center for church services and art activities after there was a rumor the owner wanted it demolished. "I don't think they would knock down the Statue of Liberty," 2 Chainz told TMZ. "We changed the connotation of trap house from something negative to something that was considered positive." In July 2017, the pink house was temporarily rebranded as a free HIV clinic for the Fourth of July holiday.

The Haunted Pink Trap House will run until Nov. 11. Tickets can be purchased at the official website for $15. Check out 2 Chainz's announcement and the official flyer for the hip-hop haunted house below.

Street Execs
Street Execs

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