It's true what they say about toddlers, they will soak up everything they hear or see like little sponges.

That is exactly why you have to be 100% careful what you say in front of them and not have a slip of the tongue.

It is always good to be positive in front of them and be the est role model you can be because they will try to copy your exact moves.I like to make bold statements and I am going to make another one.

This baby will be our next president in 45-50 years, simply because he can quote former presidents.

This little toddler quotes, current President Barack Obama, JFK, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and the best quote that he recites is good ol' Bill Clinton among others.

If this baby isn't our next president then he will surely be a class president somewhere in a middle school or high school.