While some people, like Kendrick Lamar, love to eat cereal to kick off their mornings, others like to use the breakfast food for something else.

Meet Sarah Rosado, a 32-year-old digital illustrator and photographer who turns crunchy cornflakes into pieces of art. Her series of celebrity cereal art has been causing a buzz on the interwebs and we can see why. From Aaliyah to Beyonce to Kanye West and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, she has turned the simplest of foods into some sick masterpieces. So why cereal?

"The inspiration for the series came one morning when one day while eating cereal and listening to oldies and R&B music, the idea to create celebrity faces with cornflakes was born," she tells The Boombox. "'Because music has never tasted so good,' I thought. And at that moment I was struck with the idea to create images of my favorite artists with the cereal."

Although Rosado is a professional creative, she admits that she never went to art school. "It was something I taught myself to do without any formal school training," she reveals. "Every day was a new challenge."

The challenge is also getting the artists she's featured in her cereal portraits to recognize her work; she's curious to find out what they think. We're sure one of the rappers or singers she's turned into breakfast artwork will come across her creations, but sadly, one artist who's no longer with us won't get to witness her talent. "[The] Michael Jackson [portrait is my favorite] because is he my favorite artist," she shares, "and I grew up listening to his music."

With over 30 cereal portraits in her collection so far, Rosado is set to continue this project for a little while longer before moving on to her next artistic adventure. "I'm still working on this series and will continue a few more cereal portraits," said Rosado, who admits that she's a big fan of peanut butter Cap'n Crunch. "Afterwards, I will be doing something new and creative, but that is still in the early stages."

Find out which singers and rappers Sarah Rosado turned into cereal art in the gallery above.

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