Imagine putting $2 in the lottery ticket machine, scratching your ticket, and winning $20,000! Now imagine not getting paid anything because the ticket being voided due to a 'ticket machine error'. That's exactly what happened to this woman and she's not happy about it.

Winning $20,000 would be pretty awesome. I know I could use twenty grand to pay off some bills, maybe take a mini vacation. A Washington, DC woman won $20,000 off of a $2 scratch off, but now getting paid for her winnings isn't happening. According to the lottery in Washington, DC the ticket is a voided ticket due to an error. The ticket had the winning numbers printed on the bottom, which according to the lottery is incorrect considering the winning numbers are on the top. I think the lottery can afford the $20,000 mistake. Honestly the ticket is a winning ticker. Just because there was an error on the ticket doesn't mean the woman shouldn't win. What do you think? Do you think this woman deserves her $20,000 winnings?