It all started on the pre-show when Rick Ross showed up dressed as Teddy Ruxpin. From there Lady Gaga was dresses as a dude and Nicki Minaj had a bunch of stuff from her childhood taped on her. Jay Z and Kanye did a surprise performance of "Otis" where a random fan ran out on stage, but was quickly grabbed.

Adele killed her performance and I know she is very popular, but don't understand why she isn't bigger! Chris Brown came out and did a crazy performance and flew through the air like a superhero. Later Lady Gaga came out (still dressed like a dude) and introduced the Britney Spears tribute which was actually pretty dope and wouldn't you know Brit and Gaga ALMOST kissed! Beyonce then hit the stage right after with a beautiful performance and then dropped the mic and opened her jacket to reveal her baby bump!

Lastly Bruno Mars did a tribute to Amy Winehouse (which is fitting) Video of the year went to Katy Perry for "Firework". Drake hit the stage to introduce Lil Wayne who closed the show with "How To Love" and "John". You can download "Tha Carter 4" now and we'll have the performance up here later.