Fall is slowly approaching and it is time to get your essentials ready to overcome another Michigan winter. Since most men have trouble shopping for themselves, I compiled a list of 13 Fall Essentials that will jumpstart the season's wardrobe for your everyday gentlemen.

If you have any questions concerning shopping venues or outlets comment below with your thoughts.

  • Overcoat

    Every man deserves a coat of all coats. Not the puffer jacket your mom bought, but an overcoat/trench coat that speaks volumes. Universal in its look and soothing to the touch your new overcoat awaits you.

    Banana Republic
  • Patterned Blazer

    Patterned blazers are versatile in many aspects from top to bottom. You can dress it up or dress it down to your liking, just make sure its tailored to fit.

  • Colored Corduroy Pants

    The fashion forward man is iconic and noble in his attire. Stand out and alone in a pair of colored corduroy's paired with a patterned sweater and dress boots.

    French Connection
  • Quilted Vest

    The quilted vest serves as whatever you want. Undercarriage or just a solo piece, you put on a field vest and see how BIG it makes you feel.

    Field Vest
  • Letterman Jackets

    The iconic letterman jacket that the film 'Cooley High' made trendy and high school jocks made popular, can be yours as an added luxury to add sport and youth to any look.

    Banana Republic
  • Cardigan Sweater

    Mr. Roger's made you hate this sweater growing up, now that fashion came back around its your turn to play around with patterns and stripes underneath your cardigan.

    Brooks Brothers
  • Crewneck Sweater

    The crewneck sweater has made its way as a multi seasonal fashion statement. Howeve, fall is still the season best worn, dress it up with an oxford shirt and tie underneath or just go straight crew. Either way you will make a statement in your crewneck sweater.

    10 Deep
  • Straight Leg Chinos

    Now that your wearing your pants fitted, its time you go one up. The Straight leg chinos are the new cargo shorts of the fall and winter. These can be worn with EVERYTHING!

  • Chukka Boots

    Known as a sport polo boot, chukka boots are just what you need when you want casual- rather its business casual with a blazer or just a pair of jogger sweats, Chukkas will be your best friend.

    Cole Haan
  • Dress Boots

    Try something new this season, the high top dress boot can be paired with jeans or slacks. Whatever you do throw away those wheat timberlands.

    Allen Edmonds
  • Leather Strap Watch

    It's time to put those G-Shocks and other elastic band watches away, invest in a nice leather strap, that is sure to last you a many winters.

    Michael Kors
  • Leather Gloves

    A nice pair of genuine leather gloves adds a nice touch to any outfit.

    Hugo Boss
  • Wool Fringe Scarf

    With the season changing, its only right you add a nice scarf patterned or solid with your new overcoat. This accessory not only will help you keep from catching a cold, it adds elegance with the correct knot.

    Ralph Lauren