Poor Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. They both faced some awkward moments while talking to -- or attempting to, anyway -- celebrities on the 2015 Grammy Awards red carpet. And there's nothing more cringe-inducing than watching someone being blatantly ignored by another person. It's only made that much more awkward when both of those people are relatively well known.

But let's start with Ryan and Kanye West. Ryan was questioning Kanye about his work and just how much he has on his plate at one time, suggesting that "attention deficit disorder is a good thing" to which Kanye replies, "It's also just called, um, thinking." Ouch. Good point, though. You can check out a Vine of that beautiful moment above.

As for Giuliana, she was totally snubbed by Lady Gaga on the carpet. Well, kind of. Giuliana is doing her thing, reporting on stuff, when she notices Gaga walking by her. She pauses, communicates with her inner 13-year-old and says, "Oh my god, Lady Gaga. Can I just wait for one second?" Then her voice launches upwards twelve octaves when she says, "Hi Lady Gaga! Oh my god, I died, I'm so embarrassing." And, like, same, Giuliana. Though to Gaga's credit, we're pretty sure she just couldn't hear Giuliana. You can check that one out above.

But hold on, it gets worse. The crowning awkward moment of the evening stars Ryan Seacrest, once again, and Nicki Minaj. Ryan calls out to Nicki, asking her to come over for an interview -- a request that Nicki promptly ignores, choosing to take a few photos with Katy Perry instead. It really didn't have to be as awkward as it was, but Ryan just stands there, within earshot, begging Nicki for an interview. He's clearly just doing his job, but his persistence met with silence is more awkward than watching a movie with your parents that has a surprise sex scene in it. You can check that one out over at AOL.

Which was your favorite awkward moment from the 2015 Grammy Awards? The more the merrier!

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