Fetty Wap is the hip-hop hope of his entire state right now. The Paterson, N.J. rapper has had a huge year -- from getting people like Jay-Z and Beyonce bouncing to “Trap Queen” to topping Billboard charts with quite a few more tracks, you know, for good measure. He’s toured with Chris Brown on the latter's One Hell of a Nite tour and appeared on Jimmy Fallon to knock out “679” between dates.

“I’m like a hood fairy tale,” he told Civil TV back in May. “Like, a fairy tale for people to believe [in].” His story, about having lost his eye to congenial glaucoma as a baby and confidently facing the judgmental music industry without a prosthetic, has recently inspired one young boy to do without the use of a fake eye as well. Fetty proves hip-hop certainly has heart.

The "Again" creator even got with Gucci Mane -- his favorite rapper -- within this whirlwind of success to put some work in. His self-titled debut LP is slated to drop on Friday (Sept. 25) and his first win, “Trap Queen,” has gone platinum two times over. The Remy Boyz leader is pretty far away from the trap and racking up the fetty these days. Check out 25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Fetty Wap below.

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    Fetty told New York Magazine that most of his songs devoted to women are really about just one special girl. “The person I was dealing with at the time, she kind of just showed me a different side of women. She still to this day supports me and buys all my songs on iTunes, she still shows me loyalty, the same loyalty before everybody knew who I was. That’s where I get my inspirations and my motivation from for most of my songs and the meanings behind them.”

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    In that same interview Fetty admitted to pretending not to be who he is in public. “People walk past me every day, and they do a double take, like, ‘Is that him?’ and sometimes I be like, ‘No, I’m not him’ [laughs]. I still feel regular.”

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    We’ll probably never see Fetty perform in a three-piece suit -- ever. Although he looked dapper in a suit in a recent issue of Maxim, the rapper says that he “hates” suits.

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    Baseball players love him. The Kansas City Royals have figured out a unique way to show love to Fetty Wap. Not only does center fielder Lorenzo Cain walk out to “Trap Queen” but the other team members are obligated to find a way to fit Fetty’s "1738" tag into interviews. Or they fine each other a few dollars at a time.

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    Speaking of sports stars showing “Trap Queen” love, in June, NFL player Tom Brady was captured on video getting it in to Fetty’s smash single at the New England Patriots Ring Ceremony.

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    In August, the New Jersey rhymer told Maxim that he buys a new pair of Jordans every single day.

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    The “My Way” creator told This is 50 that he didn’t know he had a hit on his hands until someone called, offering $5,000 for him to perform. “I was like, ‘What?’” he said with a laugh.

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    Turns out that the 300 Entertainment signee really does have a “trap queen” in his life -- someone he called his “wife” when talking to This is 50. And to prove his loyalty, he has her name tattooed on his body.

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    Showing love to all his influences, earlier this year, Fetty Wap told This is 50 that he’d love to collaborate with 50 Cent -- covering his northern upbringing -- and Gucci and “the whole Brick Squad” -- satisfying the trap aesthetic and the bulk of his family in the South. And he actually ended up doing a track with the latter -- “Still Selling Dope.”

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    Growing up, Fetty Wap was raised in his grandfather’s church and played the drums alongside his father on the keyboard and his uncle, the head drummer.

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    The father of two admits that he shies away from rapping on his own songs because he doesn’t want to end up flowing like his favorite rapper Gucci Mane. “That’s why I’m always singing.”

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    If you’d like to gift the rapper with some clothing, get your dollars up. He loves Robin’s Jeans above all and those run $250 a pair.

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    The 24-year-old told Power 105’s Angie Martinez that he doesn’t really like hanging out around famous people for too long. “‘Cause they’re already famous. I still feel regular.”

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    Fetty never thought of himself as having a disability even though, for as long as he can remember, he’s only had one eye. He told Martinez that he wore a prosthetic eye for years in school, and no one knew until one day when he was 12. He purposely popped his eye out in front of his classmates.

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    Simply being able to get his driver’s license was such an unexpected treat for Fetty that driving has become one of his favorite hobbies. “I’ll drive to the bank and get $3,000, drive until I run out of gas, then drive until I run outta money.”

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    Unlike most rappers, Fetty never had a pair of Jordans until his 22nd birthday when he copped the Taxi 12s. Over the past two years, he's copped another 500 pairs.

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    There are only a couple of things that the rapper can’t get with: planes and the ocean. He’ll drive to an out of state show if he can and he avoids water at the beach since he can’t swim.

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    Just last year, Fetty bought his first home and gave it to his mom. Since then, he’s bought her another. What a good son.

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    His name is derivative of two of his favorites: "Fetty" meaning money and "Wap" for "Guwop," Gucci Mane’s nickname.

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    The entertainer was named after his grandfather, Willie Maxwell. Kids -- being kids -- began calling him One Eyed Willie around Paterson, once they found out about Fetty’s missing eye.

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    The "Again" creator didn’t just appear out of nowhere with "Trap Queen." He’d previously been pumping his mixtapes out of his car trunk and on street corners -- pressing out 100 and selling about half.

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    You can't hear "1738" without thinking about Fetty Wap and the reason is simple. His entire squad is called the Remy Boyz. The Remy Martin 1738 is one of the most expensive cognacs at any package store in the hood.

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    Although he isn’t Haitian himself, Fetty wears the flag as a tribute to the death of a grandmother of a past love. He says that he started looking into the culture after sporting the scarf and “fell in love” with it.

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    Fetty told USA Today that before his recent performance with Taylor Swift, she was giving him some helpful tips. "The way she managed her tour and everything like that," he says. "She didn't speak to me like I was just a guest — she spoke to me as an artist and a person who really did it, and then we had fun onstage."

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    On his first go at this hip-hop thing, the Remy Boyz leader found himself enjoying the success of his first three singles all making it to the Top 11 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts -- meeting a record set by the Beatles back in March of 1964. Phenomenal.

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