Earlier today I stopped by WAY Academy of Flint's Open Enrollment event.  If you've never heard of WAY Academy of Flint, you need to get familiar.  Today was my second time at the school and I was impressed again. 

The first thing you will notice about WAY Academy that differentiates them from traditional schools are the student to teacher ratio.  There are close to six students to every teacher.  Actually the school calls the students researchers and the teachers mentors.  Just a different spin on things.

Next, the technology the students use is far advance than when I was a student in Flint.  All the students were using Apple laptops to work on their project based learning material.  In addition to the technology, the environment was very relaxed.

I could talk about more great aspects of WAY Academy of Flint but I'll just advise you to check out their website.  Stop by the school on 817 East Kearsley if you want more information or call at 810-412-8655.