Note how we had to clarify THE STATE for those of you alergic to all things maize and blue.

But this is fun and meant to be educational.

Full disclosure, there are at least two wolverine/U of M kind of things in here. So if that causes you grief, leave now or forever fill your brain with the following useless Michigan trivia.

A special thanks to Movoto for the inspiration and head here to take a look at a comprehensive 52 ITEM LIST.

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Wolverines already?

Young Fisher poses in a den tree.
Betty4240/Getty Images

Yup, wolverines out the gate! But there aren't any here in Michigan. Well not the Ann Arbor variety anyway.

There are currently no wolverines in the Wolverine State (other than a few in Ann Arbor).  The last known specimen is in the stuffed animal collection of Gary Kaberle of Traverse City; it was killed in the 1860's. As far as is known, there is no evidence that wolverines were ever commercially trapped in Michigan. (


Car Air Conditioners? Yup, we did that.

gauge on dashboard showing high outside temperature
KenTannenbaum/Getty Images

The first air-conditioned car was manufactured in 1939 by Detroit's Packard Motor Car Company. (Automobile) & (Movoto)


Where's that bell of The Edmund Fitzgerald? In Paradise...Michigan.

You know the story and you know the song. But where's the bell? At the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum Whitefish Point, Paradise, Michigan.

“Courtesy Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society”/GLSHS Museum Photographer Chris Winters
“Courtesy Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society”/GLSHS Museum Photographer Chris Winters


Hail to the what?

University of Michigan Football
Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Yeah, this is the last wolverine/U of M thing. The original name of the University of Michigan, which was founded in 1817, was Catholepistemiad. (Movoto)

In 1817, Woodward drafted a territorial act establishing a "Catholepistemiad, or University, of Michigania," organized into thirteen different professorships, or didaxiim, following the classification system he had published the year before in his A System of Universal Science. (Wikipedia)


How may I connect your call?

Telephone Operator
Getty Images

Detroit residents were the first in the nation to have phone numbers. It seems that by 1879, the city had grown so large that operator were no longer able to route the calls by name alone.(Movoto)

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