50 Cent is trying to make a musical comeback, but his terrible first pitch at the Mets game might have ruined his chances.

How are his music, and his throwing ability related, you ask?

They're not!  And this pitch still hurt his career, that's how bad it was.

There is really only one man that can describe that pitch.

Seriously though, 50 Cent shouldn't feel that bad because the league is littered with terrible first pitches.  The age honored tradition of celebrating a celebrity by having them throw the pitch is secretly a way for us to judge them when they screw up.

UPDATE:  50 will get another chance this Friday on Good Morning America, do you think he can redeem himself?  I say no way.  If a guy throws like that once, that's the way he always throws.

Enjoy 10 of the best/worst first pitches.