50 Cent continues to fuel the hype around who shot Ghost in Power.

On Monday night (Jan. 21), the Queens rapper uploaded a photo with a questionable caption aimed at the Starz network. While the photo had nothing to do with the series, 50 made sure that his followers knew exactly how he feels about the network that hosts Power.

"These people at Starz bugging out, talking to me like they crazy," 50 wrote in his caption. "Like I ain’t who I am, they got me fucked up. I will put all this shit out tonight."


Shortly after sending out his warning shot, 50 uploaded an apparent clip from the final episode of Power which appears to reveal the true identity of the person who shot and presumably killed James "Ghost" St. Patrick. In the clip, Tasha is seen holding a gun with tears in her eyes. After she tells Ghost that she won't let him hurt her son, she pulls the trigger.

50 Cent ended up deleting the post shortly afterward. Then on Tuesday morning, the G-Unit founder, who performed overseas last year, followed up with another post that seems to confirm that the show has multiple, alternate endings.

"Your gonna have to wait to find out who killed Ghost," 50 wrote in his caption. " I will leak more before this is over. I’m prepared for ever possible thing WELCOME TO THE 50CENT SHOW ."

See what 50 cent has to say below.

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