50 Cent has been called many things in his storied career, but sympathetic isn't one of them. The rapper reminded everyone of his ruthless sense of humor when he clowned famed TV personality Wendy Williams on Tuesday (Oct. 31).

Recently, Williams rocked a Statue of Liberty costume on her talk show, and just before it could cut to a commercial break, she seemed to faint. She complained about the outfit moments before she fell to the ground, but Fif wasn't buying it.

"Happy Halloween Catch 50Central tomorrow night at 10:30 PM, I'm gonna over heat in my costume. LOL #50centralbet," wrote 50 in an Instagram post." Of course, if you've followed 50's career up to this point, you know his trolling didn't stop there. Williams would be the indirect focus of at least a few more posts throughout the day.

"What is this‍♂️it just looks like bad acting to me. LOL she said she over heated in her costume. #50centralbet," Fif wrote in another, flat-out suggesting Williams had been faking the whole thing. You'll also notice he took the time to promote his new BET series, 50 Central.

This isn't the first time Fif's had some words for Williams. Earlier this year, Williams called out the rapper for making a joke about his eldest son. A short time later, 50 clapped back on Instagram by posting an unflattering picture of her on Instagram.

"Wendy williams just told me to get my life together, smh ‍♂️ your husband is not a bad man. he deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherfucker Focus on your own shit bitch. Oh yeah we in club LUST tonight you’re invited.LOL," he wrote in the caption.

Check out 50's Instagram posts aimed at Williams below.

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