He's a world-class rapper and a Twitrepreneur, and now 50 Cent is dabbling in the real estate market -- again. Turns out his Connecticut mansion has been on and off the market for years, and has even been featured in an episode of MTV's Cribs.

Fiddy has changed realtors, hoping that will move the mansion, but we all luck out because we get to look inside. And the verdict? It pretty much looks like a McMansion of epic proportions. The real estate website includes the following description:

The home features rooms and amenities to satisfy almost any mood. A gated entry leads into a grand foyer, complete with cream-colored marble floors and columns. Not a single detail is missed in the large, elegant dining room, inviting living room, kitchen and home office. In addition, the property provides ample space for entertaining and v.i.p. nightlife, with a home theater, billiards room and fully equipped nightclub featuring a lighted dance floor, bar and DJ area. Tucked away in a corner (albeit one of the largest corners you'll probably ever see) is a dimly lit, lavish room for after-hours entertainment, the likes of which would make any owner of an exotic club jealous.

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