A woman in Pennsylvania was approached by seven young men playing the so-called 'knockout game.' One of them hit her and a second was trying to hit her, so she reached for her gun. She fired five times, killing two of the men.

Beulah Montgomery had just turned 60 years old, and was walking home from getting some lottery tickets at the time of the attack.  She told reporters that she, "Felt the pain, and thought she just made it to 60 and would like to see 61."

Montgomery pulled out a gun she had on her due to a mugging earlier in the year, and shot two of the thugs dead.

So far, there have been no charges filed against her and there may not be, due to rumblings the story is totally false.

Snopes.com has published evidence that this story may not be true.  With the amount of comments on this story, I feel like the question remains valid, though.  The knockout game is the type of violent act that will definitely lead to the loss of life, possibly for the victim or attackers.