Another day, another entry into a year filled with unexpected rap beefs. As has usually been the case, 6ix9ine finds himself at the center of it today (Aug. 23). However, unlike at least a few other instances involving the rapper, it's clear that it was another artist who initiated the conflict. That artist is none other than Ludacris, who took some playful shots at Tekashi in a trailer for his upcoming appearance on MTV's freestyle rap comedy series, Wild 'N Out.

Taking part in one of the skits on an episode of the show, which features an actor dressed up as the controversial Brooklyn rapper, Luda shuns the idea of signing the rapper to his Disturbing Tha Peace record label after he's asked if he'd choose 6ix9ine or Cannon.

"That's an easy one for me," Luda says in response to the mock 6ix9ine's question of whether he'd sign the Wild 'N Out host or Tekashi. "I'd sign Nick Cannon, 'cause Tekashi, I don't know how much longer he gon' be around."

Clearly, 6ix9ine wasn't a fan of Luda's remark. On Thursday night (Aug. 23), the rapper responded in his typically over-the-top fashion, uploading an Instagram video of himself imitating Ludacris and another post making fun of the Atlanta rapper's role hosting the revamped Fear Factor. "YOU STOOPID??????? BUMASS NIGGA WAITING FOR FAST 9 TO BEGIN WASHED UP BITCH," 6ix9ine wrote as the caption for the video, which has since been deleted.

In the video, we can see Tekashi wearing some stereotypical, mid-2000s street wear after he calls out the rapper in the intro. After walking down the steps, 6ix9ine lets off some words about being the man back in the day before someone in the video plays Luda's smash 2001 hit, "Move Bitch." Like 6ix9ine's other diss videos (he also made one directed at Juice Wrld), this one is crude, but sure to get at least a few laughs.

In his second post, 6ix9ine posts a photo with some of Luda's Fear Factor promo material. In the caption for the post, Tekashi pokes fun at the Fate of the Furious star's perceived lack of commercial rap viability.

"FYI Nobody watches this show anymore since the white boy left ," 6ix9ine writes in the now-deleted post. "YOU TV HOST BITCH YOU CANT SELL A RECORD RIGHT NOW TO SAVE YA LIFE."

Thus far, Luda hasn't said much else about 6ix9ine's diss, but he did upload an Instagram post featuring a Tekashi-focused meme. In the image, we can see 6ix9ine letting off an obnoxious smile and the words "Not Confirmed" scrawled across the picture. To the left of the words, we can see the words, "Luda Day Weekend 2018," indicating that it's promo material for the 2018 edition of Ludacris' annual Labor Day event, for which 6ix9ine will not be performing.

Watch Luda's Tekashi diss in the video below. Peep 6ix9ine's subsequent responses below that.

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