6ix9ine has been low in the last several weeks, but he was recently captured on camera sans security in South Florida telling people he's Lil Pump.

On Tuesday (June 21), TikTok user @_fsleep posted a video of 6ix9ine in a South Florida gas station. Tekashi is dressed from head-to-toe in black and is rocking a balaclava mask covering his face so only his eyes are visible. He appears to be by himself. In the clip, the rapper-federal informant walks up to the register with a drink in hand.

"Aye, what's your name, dawg," one employee who is filming the rapper questions.

"You know who that is?" the person who is checking 6ix9ine out responds.

"Lil Pump, ya heard," 6ix9ine confirms while glancing in the parking lot at his car.

The cashier did not appear to buy 6ix9ine's ruse.

"He said Lil Pump," the guy responds with disbelief in his voice.

"6ix9ine pulled up [solo] to the gas station in a McClaren. Dat boy must think Palm Beach sweet," the person filming the video captioned the clip.

Since his supervised release ended, 6ix9ine has relocated to Miami and tried to revive his rap career. As the TikTok user noted, things haven't been all sweet for the rapper. Back in April, 6ix9ine was sucker punched by a clubgoer while leaving Pilos Tacos Tequilla Garden in Miami with his security.

6ix9ine hasn't been on social media since his birthday on May 8 and hasn't made the hip hop headlines since he responded to Fat Joe saying the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper has a death wish.

Check out video of 6ix9ine telling a gas station employee he's Lil Pump below.

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