A video has surfaced of 6ix9ine having a conversation with police.

On Monday (Sept. 5), a short video surfaced on TikTok that appears to have been taken by a passerby that shows 6ix9ine talking to two police officers in what looks like a parking lot. It does not appear the rapper is being detained as he seems to carry on a casual conversation with the officers, stopping a couple times to point in different directions.

Of course, the clip led to many comments joking about Tekashi's relationship with the authorities.

"You see him pointing bro was snitching fr," one person captioned the post.

"Bros at work," another person commented along with a crying laughing emoji.

"He like 'hey bro call FBI agent jimmy he knows me' he will tell yall to let me go," another commenter joked.

Though the video is titled "6ix9ine caught by the cops," there is no evidence in the video that the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant was being detained or arrested.

6ix9ine has been mostly laying low, recently. Back in June, he was spotted in a South Florida gas station without security. When asked who he is by store employees, the TattleTales rapper replied "Lil Pump." Late last month, he made headlines when his girlfriend was arrested for allegedly punching Tekashi.

Music-wise, it's been quiet for the controversial rhymer. He released the single "Gine" in April, his first song since 2020. He hasn't put out any new solo material since.

See Video of 6ix9ine Chopping It Up With Police Officers Below


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