6ix9ine is reportedly on the hook for more than $75,000 worth of unpaid security fees.

On Tuesday (March 2), TMZ reported that members of the Metropolitan Patrol protection company are suing Tekashi after never receiving compensation for protecting the 24-year-old rapper during an 11-day stay, partly in Los Angeles, back in November of 2018.

According to the docs obtained by the outlet, 6ix9ine agreed to pay for around-the-clock armed security. The contract states that the going rate for the security team's services is $85 an hour with the late-night shift cost of $127.50 per hour. Metropolitan Patrol also claims Tekashi was provided with armored vehicles, a fully-loaded Yukon with ballistic panels and two police-style Ford Explorers.

After the late fees, legal fees from the lawsuit and the originally agreed upon price, Metropolitan Patrol is asking 6ix9ine to pay them a little more than $88,000. However, Tekashi's lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, reportedly said the "Zaza" rapper is not responsible for the payment. Instead, MTA Bookings, 6ix9ine's booking agency at the time, should be footing the bill.

The news of 6ix9ine paying a hefty price for security services in L.A. surfaced online nearly two years ago. The Brooklyn artist enlisted two security companies to protect him while on the West Coast and ran up a bill of nearly $100,000.

The irony of 6ix9ine's latest legal woes are not lost upon anyone. Since being released from federal prison after pleading guilty to federal racketeering charges and testifying against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods last year, 6ix9ine doesn't appear to step outside without his personal bodyguards.

Most recently Tekashi had an intense run-in with Meek Mill, in which he attempted to clown the Philadelphia native for having security with him while at a nightclub. The New York rapper is also facing another lawsuit after being accused of throwing a champagne bottle while at the Gold Rush Cabaret in Miami, which allegedly hit a dancer at the establishment in the head.

XXL has reached out to a rep for 6ix9ine and his attorney for comment.

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