Lots of people are obsessed with Walter White from Breaking Bad right now. He's most famous drug dealer on the screen.

But before him, there were plenty of drug dealers there were honestly a lot more entertaining. Check out my list of the seven drug dealers who are more entertaining than Walter White.

Henry Hill from Goodfellas

He started off bombing cars as a little kid and ended up running an entire cocaine cartel. It's the ultimate story of starting from the bottom.

Tony Montana from Scarface

He came over as a Cuban immigrant and in a matter of years, became a worldwide drug dealer.

Nino Brown from New Jack City

Not only was he the number one drug dealer in town – he also passed out turkeys at Thanksgiving. Everybody loved him and everybody hated him at the same time, like most drug dealers.

George Jung from Blow

Unlike most others on this list, Jung was not a bad guy. It was just a couple of years in prison that turned him toward dealing cocaine.

Frank Lucas from American Gangster

Frank Lucas was the man. He started off as a limo driver for drug lord Bumpy Johnson and ended up taking on the empire and taking it to new levels, actually.

Thurgood Jenkins from Half Baked

All he wanted to do was get Kenny outta jail. Technically, he was more of a "fundraiser" than a drug dealer.

Big Worm from Friday

He was a drug dealer by day, and an ice cream man also by day. He may not be the best drug dealer on this list, but he definitely has the best hairstyle.