Another bizarre and sad story has come across my desk with a 22 year old man tricking a high school into letting him playing basketball.  No, it was a pick up game but varsity basketball.  The extremely crazy male had his wife act as his mother to enroll him into high school.

'McKinzie' or 'McKenzie' Sewell is the 22 year old male who had his 35 year old wife pose as his mother to allow him to live out a sick dream.  The Louisiana man enrolled and attend Ridgeway High School in Memphis to play basketball.  Things became suspicious when he got into some trouble at school.  The school investigated and found out he was living with a stand in girlfriend or wife.

Due to the bizarre act, student athletes from the basketball had to forfeit their season which was projected to lead them to a state title. Weeks before the imposter was found out, the team coach was found dead and ten players were suspended for fighting. Ridgeway High School has a lot of damage control to conduct and doesn't seem like it will be easy.

I personally think the school system shouldn't have punished the entire team for the bizarre action of an adult.  Some of those students were being recruited to play college basketball and my lose that opportunity.  In your opinion, do you think the school system should have punished the entire team?

via TBL