Rumors have been going around that Konvict Muzik auto-tuner T-Pain is leaving the label for Lil Wayne's Young Money label. Talk was heavy after Pain bought a $100,000 YM chain back in January, but now it looks like the deal is a go. Konvict Muzik leader Akon hit the web a said all the rumors are true, T-Pain will be heading to Young Money after he drops one more album on the Konvict label. Check out the video below.

Akon said:

"That's Pain's business decision. We got one more album, which is the one he's about to release now. After that, Pain is free. He's his own man, his own entrepreneur. Decisions from this point, he has to make them on his own. I'm happy for him whichever way he goes. That's my little brother, he gets the support from us."