The downward spiral that is Amanda Bynes hits a new low when she decided to insult the Obamas on twitter.

Like most of you I grew up watching Amanda Bynes on 'All That', at one point she was one of the the highest paid child stars. But obviously none of that could stop her from messing up pretty much everything in her life. For the last year or so it has been all bad news for this former child star. She recently was arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out of her 34th story window in a attempt to hide it from the cops. She has also became very popular on twitter, seeing as she has called multiple celebrities ugly.

But in my opinion nothing compares to the stupidity of her latest stunt. She actually took to twitter and randomly decided to insult the Obamas. Well I should say attempted to insult, she still stuck to her "ugly" approach.

She instantly got a lot of backlash form this, people took to the internet by the masses to defend our country.