The Arnold Palmer Classic took place this weekend, and it isn't the fact that Tiger Woods is poised to reclaim his number one spot that is making news, it's the amazing shots from Sergio Garcia and Nicholas Thompson.

Play had to be suspended Sunday due to bad weather, but they should be able to finish today with Tiger Woods leading the pack.  The weird thing is that nobody was paying any attention to the leader board during the tournament though.  Everyone was focused on the trick shots pulled off by Sergio and Nicholas.

Nicholas Thompson's shot ended up on the edge of a water sand trap, and left him no room for a shot.  No room unless he decided to stand in the water that is, and that's just what he did.  Thompson took off his shoes and socks, then hiked up his pants and stepped in the water.  He proceeded to pull off an amazing shot, and tapped his ball in without ever putting his shoes back on.

Sergio Garcia would not be outdone though as an arrant shot ended up in a tree lining the fairway.  Normally a golfer would be forced to take a penalty stroke and play the ball from the ground.  Garcia decided to pull a play from his childhood and actually climb the tree.  The backwards, one handed shot that he pulls off, will go down in history.