Andy King became a internet sensation after the Fyre Festival documentary when he admitted to getting ready to perform oral sex on a man to get water through customs. Now that's team work!  

If you haven't seen the Netflix documentary Fyre Festival I highly advise that you take the time outta your day to watch this financial tragedy. What was suppose to be the greatest party of all time turned out be a nightmare. Millions of dollars were lost, 26 million to be exact, along with a ton or workers that didn't receive any pay.

Throughout the chaos there was one man that was ready to take one for the team. Like really REALLY take one for the team! Andy King had an issue with getting his bottled water through customs and his team came up with a great solution. I won't say much, just watch the video below. Since then, Andy has become a internet sensation!

So far Andy has used his new fame to promote positivity!

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