You loved the Eagles upset win in the Super Bowl, and even thought Justin Timberlake put on a good show. How could you be so stupid?!

The NFL had a tough year filled with controversy and ratings declines all year long. This is the Super Bowl though, so people will at least watch the biggest game of the year right?!


Despite being one of the most entertaining games in recent memory, Super Bowl LII was one of the lowest rated in a decade. The people who protested the NFL for a variety of reasons held strong to their beliefs, and ignored the Super Bowl as well. I even saw people giving a hard time to others who where participating in Super Bowl squares!

The half time show would be fine though right? I mean, who could find controversy around Justin Timberlake? EVERYONE!

Justin put on, what I thought, was a fairly entertaining show . . . but I may have been the only person not trying to pick it apart at the seems. Here is a list of things people hated about it.

  • The fact that he was asked back to perform, but Janet was not.
  • That he did a tribute to Prince in his hometown, despite having a slight beef with him in the past.
  • That he had no guest performers
  • That he was not Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga
  • Everything

I'm not going to argue with anyone about the Super Bowl or the halftime performance, mainly because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I will say that it's stupid to feel guilty that you enjoyed watching an entertaining game. It's even more ridiculous that you feel bad about enjoying a good performance by JT.

The NFL is a broken product overall, and the record low ratings all season long support that. There are so many reasons to hate the league and what it stands for. I agree with many of them, and choose to not let my kids play football for heath reasons.

I just don't want to feel guilty about watching what has become a national spectacle. I like the commercials, I like the halftime show, and I even flip back and forth to Puppy Bowl every so often.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and be entertained. We all don't have to find the faults 100% of the time.

Now we can all start debating if it's worse that Russia is allowed to participate in the Olympics after their sponsored doping was revealed OR if the US is allowed after ignoring hundreds of girls being molested by Larry Nassar.

Isn't sports fun?!


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