From getting smacked in the face with a Victoria's Secret Angel's wing to slipping on confetti, Ariana Grande faced many a peril onstage. She recently shared a scary video with fans, recalling the time she "almost died" during "Love Me Harder."

The singer tweeted the clip to fans, along with the caption, "that time i almost died during 'love me harder' (but actually this time)." And, no, she's not messing around.

One look at that three-minute long video and you'll see just how serious the situation was. The video kicks off with a crowd of people surrounding Ariana in what appears to be backstage at a show. Although everyone is talking, the singer can clearly be heard saying, "I almost died! I almost died!"

Ariana then goes on to explain that for her "Love Me Harder" performance earlier that night, she was supposed to be going up a lift. However, a part of the lift appeared to have broken -- "I was like, I'm about to be crunched by a mechanical, metal s---!" she exclaims -- but, luckily, she managed to grab onto something to hold herself up. But, as her team are quick to call out, Ariana kept singing like the professional she is.

Since the story is a little unclear, Ari takes her cameraperson to speak with her guitar tech, the man who helped her when the lift broke. He gives a slightly more in-depth version of the incident, adding that when Ariana was safe, "I thought 'That's it. Show's over, we're done.' She picked the microphone up, walked up the stairs and started singing. I was just like, 'Badass.' Toughest person I've ever met."

Agreed. We're so glad you're safe, Ariana!

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