Oops! Uber adorable singer Ariana Grande broke three toes, and it wasn't because she fell while wearing those lovely, ladylike platform heels she favors. It was all her dog's fault!

Grande, who just previewed a new song online for fans, texted her manager, Scooter Braun -- also the manager Justin Bieber and the Wanted, featuring Grande's ex-BF Nathan Sykes -- letting him know all the gory details of her injury.

Braun then saved a screenshot of the text and shared it with his Instagram followers, many of whom are Arianators.

He posted: "Monday morning texts from @arianagrande are always the best. Lol. Gotta love this girl. Feel better Ari."

Well, Scooter, we do love that girl. And her text is adorbs, just like her. Only Ariana Grande could text about slipping on dog pee and breaking her toes and sound cute while doing so.

Something tells us that the singer's ego was probably more damaged and in pain than her toes, since she slipped in front of a lot of people. She also loves her pups, so we doubt she even yelled at her poochy for having an accident in the house.

See Braun's Instagram image of the Ariana Grande Broken Toes Saga below.

We hope Ari's toes heal soon.